How to best look after your leather product?

We recommend spraying all new leather goods with a leather waterproof protector. This will protect your item against dirt and moisture. We recommend for this to be applied 2-3 times from a distance of about 20cm before use. The item should be given a light spray, without wetting, and allowing it to dry in between. The waterproofing should be completed on a regular basis.

If your product came with a dust bag, please always store it in its dust bag when not in use.

Always remember to:

  • Not overfill your bag, this will result in stretching, ripping of the lining, or deformation
  • Avoid contact with liquids
  • Consider keeping makeup in a seperate small makeup bag
  • Not put pens and pencils in the inside of your bag without caps on


How to best look after your fur product?

To clean, use a brush with soft bristles. Do not use solvents. Let the drop of water dry naturally. Alternatively a professional fur clean service would be the best method.


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